Ground Water & Mineral Investigation Consultancy Centre (P) Ltd, popularly called as (GWMICC) is India’s leading groundwater, mineral and soil consultancy organization.

GWMICC is involved in geo-hydrological survey, exploration of groundwater, earth and soil resources and various domains of earth resource management and their subsequent conservation in India and abroad.


  •    To correct the issues of the current website: spotty availability, poor user experience, an inflexible content management system.
  •    Re- organize the site’s overwhelming menu, heavy and confusing text.
  •    To develop a modern, personalized and collaborative digital business platform.
  •    Make the site easy to navigate, well organized, and comprehensive.


  •    Our designers created easy to use, simple, and image focused pages.
  •    The content that was scattered throughout the website was arranged and structured to make it readable, non–repetitive and relevant.
  •    The website looks crisp, appealing and organized: added new pages like Our Projects, In the Media and sections for services and clients on the
        home page.
  •    Some of the non –relevant material was retired and instead the important information which was relatively buried was displayed on the
        landing pages.


  •    The new site is serving as a more effective vehicle for Information & Design, while continuing to be a resource for the usability community.
  •    With improved display of content, the site is now more up-to-date and visually appealing.
  •    complicated brochure ware site was converted in a  slick