A financial services regulatory consultancy-helping firms to meet challenges of the regulatory environment.

The company specializes in the application of the client assets rules ('CASS') and the FCA’S conduct rules"


  •    To re-design the existing website –make it fresh, modern, easier to use and navigate.
  •    To incorporate an effective web design & content strategy.
  •    A responsive website that can be accessed across all digital platforms.
  •    To relevantly reposition the usability materials and resources (downloadable papers and information) that was relatively ‘buried’ under the busiest
      part of the website.


  •    Re-designed the landing pages by using modern website design elements to convey more value.
  •    Crafted a User Centered Design (UCD) and enhanced the website’s functionality to make it more user- friendly.
  •    Re-modeled the website with lifestyle imagery, recent experience, downloads page and value-based messaging to create more impact.
  •    Converted the website into an advantageous version for improved information delivery and greater user engagement: added pages like News Feed
       & Blogs and sections like ‘Updates from the Regulator ‘and Statements and papers.


  •    The revamped version has created scalability for growth while maintaining credibility.
  •    Integrating social sharing button allows website readers and visitors to easily share important information and promote the website.
  •    A responsive website is providing more exposure ad more clicks.
  •    Improved social sharing: By providing sharable and downloadable content alongside a convenient way of sharing, it is easier than before for visitors
       to like and share The business.