Sparkling Stones

Sparkling Stones is a Bespoke Jewelry Consultancy in London, specialized in making commissioned jewelry.

They specialize in making commissioned jewelry tailored to the client’s taste and specifications where he receives personal service such as qualified advice from Gemologists at every stage of design and development.


  •    To create a website that is brand, product and design focused.
  •    Template –a minimalist Custom Website.
  •    Jewelry focused and Whimsical.
  •    Showcase their extensive brands collection.


  •    An aesthetically beautiful design.
  •    A luxurious online environment in which the bespoke process could be described and understood.  
  •    Brand development.
  •    Minimalist new responsive website which is Jewelry focused and Whimsical.


  •    Designed and built a website with Simple navigation and clear call-to-actions.
  •    Brand image and message established though Clear and accessible content.
  •    The new website perfectly conveys the brand’s message