TBNG is a Leading wealth management company in India: spreading financial literacy by providing personal financial advice to families, individuals and businesses at various life stages.

TBNG’s home page has a big, bold design with clear calls to action.
13 years and $50m of AUM, and the company is now looking to expand business with digitally affluent mobile first customers.


TBNG’s old website, with its shoddy design and dense text, was impacting their online presence and target customer outreach. So, TBNG engaged Thought Agile to re-structure and reinvent the existing website and make it much more appealing and effective for the online world.



  •    Adopted a consulting based approach and redesigned the content in web 2.0 mobile friendly format to reflect the value proposition.
  •    Keeping in mind importance of SEO and SEM in discovery, the content had relevant key words to help self promotion.
  •    Implemented strong user engagement embedding relevant research by TBNG into the website and providing subscription options.
  •    Ran a digital campaign for TBNG post the revamped digital presence.



We helped TBNG to effectively reposition their business and outshine their competitors. The result was a noticeable online presence and a significant difference in TBNG’s revenue.