At Thought Agile, you get access to large pool of experts who can understand your business needs just in time and guide you to build your businesses in a digital age. We are a team of professionals who provide collaborative solutions for your business and IT challenges. Our technology savvy consultants will help you to define new business strategies and re-design operating models to maximize value by becoming more nimble and agile.


We offer a range of technology capabilities that help our clients to address critical business situations:


We help clients who are embarking on a technology-driven change to partner with and realize the full potential of IT. We first focus on identifying the technology capabilities required to meet our clients’ business objectives. Next, we help them fill the technology – gaps, address technology- related issues and ensure that their technology models are agile and effective. This way we help our clients to cut through temporary technology trends and establish a sound technology- driven model for achieving their long term goals.


Thought Agile’s IT Governance services help in making an organization’s IT governance framework supportive and capable of achieving its business strategies and objectives. We enable you to keep your systems up to date, identify vulnerabilities and threats (both external & internal) and improve your defense system.

We assist our clients to organize their IT structure in a way that it is aligned with the organizations’ requirements and improves the quality of their products or services.


Sometimes it is hard to understand how Information Technology and business processes fit together: Information Technology helps in process improvement, optimization, and standardization and affects how organizations conduct their routine tasks.

We make you capable enough to meet the day to day IT challenges by helping you streamline the IT processes of your organization and align them with the business objectives. A structured and streamlined IT process affects the accuracy of business operations, reduces operational costs and boosts business productivity.

Thought Agile offers IT process consultancy which helps businesses to organize huge databases, simplify transaction processes, manage personal schedules and flow of essential information, and enable smooth communication.


Well organized IT operations help companies to run efficiently and also allow more consistency, reliability and better quality of services. However, along with a sound IT infrastructure, the success of a business process depends on identifying impediments and responding to them, as soon as they arise. Thought Agile offers a full suite of IT Operations Services to help you do just that. We help you to fine tune your IT infrastructure and provide enhancements to suit your business priorities while focusing on maturing your organization’s IT operations.

Out IT operations experts will work with you to configure an implementation of any of our IT solutions to meet your organizations’ specific needs. Our IT services include software and hardware support both for internal & external clients, network administration, device management, and help desks of all kinds.

Business planning is the process of creating a business plan that will help in efficient management of tasks which will include priority, time and budget allocation for each task. Thought Agile has been providing customized business planning and research solutions for over 4 years and currently have its presence in UK and India.

Current State Assessment & Roadmap Development

"How are we going to move ahead from where we are and to where we want to reach?" You are not alone in wondering this- many of the organizations face similar challenges when it comes to assessing their current state and developing a roadmap to achieve organizational goals. As practitioners, we use our experience and understanding of what works to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current environment and help develop a practical and implementable roadmap to meet your needs.

Our assessment will help you to:
  • Develop a clear understanding of your current state or environment
  • Define the required end objectives
  • Conduct an assessment for Gap Analysis
  • Arrange the Gap Analysis findings into relevant gap closure strategies
  • Build and Publish the Road Map

Thus by assessing the current issues and obstacles that are holding you back and creating a future state architecture, we help you set the right course to reach a desired end state.

Market Research Studies

Market research is the quintessence to gain insight or support decision making when designing organizational growth strategies, launching a start up or a new product. It is a key factor that helps you acquire competitive advantage by providing important information about consumer needs, market size, trends and competition.

Our Market Research Studies help you to evaluate the potential upside for your business, and find the most effectual route to potential customers. We use various market research methodologies and provide professional solutions by combining the latest technology with comprehensive expertise.

Detailed Feasibility Studies and Detailed Project Reports

Detailed feasibility studies can be conducted to analyze the viability and profitability of a proposed idea or project. An Organization conducts a feasibility study to find out whether it has enough money and human resources for a project, whether the product being manufactured will sell, or to evaluate the strengths and deficits of the proposed project idea.

Thought Agile has the expertise to undertake both initial and detailed feasibility studies to help you determine the viability of your idea before you decide to proceed with the development of a business or a project based on that idea. Determining the feasibility of an idea early in the business saves money, resources and time in the long run. We offer a comprehensive suite of services in preparing Detailed Project Report which takes into account all possible details to serve the objectives and are relevant to the project.